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AP Microeconomics Teacher Guide 5th Edition
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ISBN: 978-1-7348096-5-7



AP Microeconomics is the go-to guide for helping teachers to prepare their students for the AP Microeconomics Exam administered by the College Board. It is designed to provide a basic framework around which you can design an AP Microeconomics course that best meets the needs of your students.

The 5th Edition of the AP Microeconomics Teacher Guide has been updated to closely follow the content in the Fall 2022 College Board Course and Exam Description. Some changes include dividing lessons into more manageable sections; incorporating the activities within the lesson plan instead of in a separate section in the back; revising lessons to utilize contemporary examples; and most importantly, addressing the current state of the test with the addition of new content.

The Teacher Guide provides unit overviews, lesson plan objectives, Teacher Alerts, Bell Ringer activities to jump-start each class, visuals, answers to the student activities, and sample multiple-choice test questions. The lessons also include content and instructional activities that are not in the Student Workbook.

A companion volume, the AP Microeconomics Student Workbook 5th Edition, contains activities ready for classroom use.