Read below to see if we have an answer to your question here. If not, please call Customer Service at (770) 280-4179.

How can I read the eBook I downloaded?
eBooks for CEE are provided using Adobe Digital Editions technology. You will need to load this to read the eBooks. Links to the software and instructions for use are available at
Who are your books for?
We offer best in class personal finance, economics and entrepreneurship print and digital materials to K-12 teachers in various disciplines both for classroom instruction and after school providers.

Do you offer materials for adult education?
Our focus is K-12 classrooms, but some publications can be used for learning outside of the standard K-12 curriculum. Ex: Financial Fitness for Life

Do you offer materials for parents?
Yes. We sell physical copies of Financial Fitness for Life parent guides, broken into grades K-6 and 9-12, on our website. You can download the PDF versions for free at

Is this publication a textbook?
No, the majority of our publications are teacher supplements that contain lesson plans that are meant to be integrated into a given curriculum. Exceptions include Capstone Exemplary Lessons in Economics, and Financial Fitness for Life publications. Our Advanced Placement Economics books have a teacher guide and a student guide, but are supplemental activities meant to aide students in the preparation for the AP exam, not a standalone economics course.

Can you suggest a publication for (names, grade level, and academic discipline)?
We have our products listed by both grade level and academic discipline; refer the teacher to the website.

Do you offer free materials?
We do not offer free copies of physical materials but we do offer free lesson plans for economics and personal finance at Lesson plans are searchable by grade level, keyword and discipline.

Do you offer discounts for schools/teachers?
Yes. We offer a 20% discount to teachers who are member of GATE (Global Association of Teachers of Economics). GATE is free to join, teachers should use the coupon code “GATE” on their purchase order or at the coupon code section of the online order form. Teachers can join GATE at

Do you sell to bookstores/resellers, and what discount do we receive?
Yes, we do sell to resellers. Bookstores must prepay, and you receive a 25% discount. They do not have to be registered with us, they can simply use the bookstore coupon code (BKSTR).

Do you have materials in other languages?
We do offer parent guides of our Financial Fitness for life series in Spanish.

May I have permission to duplicate these materials?
Refer them to Sally Wood, Chief Marketing Officer, 212-730-1065.

I would like to license this material for use in another publication, is this possible?
Refer them to Sally Wood, Chief Marketing Officer, 212-730-1065.

Do you accept school purchase orders?
Yes, please fax copy of purchase order, signed by an administrator, to (770)280-4180.

What are your purchase order payment terms?
Payment in full is required 30 days after receipt of invoice.

Do you offer desk copies/preview materials?
No, since the majority of our publications are teacher supplements the teacher only needs the one book, unlike most textbooks for which the teacher must buy a classroom set. (However we do offer preview materials to School District purchasing offices, looking to adopt our materials district-wide. Refer them to Sally Wood COO/CMO 212-730-1065).

Do you offer __________ title, I can’t seem to find it on your website?
All our current materials are listed for sale on our website. If you searched for the title and nothing came up, chances are the publication is out of print, but it may be available on Virtual Economics 4.0.

What type of company is the Council for Economic Education?
We are 501(3)(C) non-profit organization, funded by private grants from foundations and individuals.

What is the history of the CEE? / Is this the National Council?
The CEE is over 60 years old. We were founded as the Joint Council on Economic Education, then we were known as the National Council on Economic Education, and in 2009 we changed our name to the Council for Economic Education.

What is your federal tax id#?


I am a student. Can I have a copy of the AP Economics answers?
No. The answer key is included in the Teacher Resource Manual. We do not provide a separate document of the answer key.

Do you have a publication called Play Dough Economics?
Yes. The publication is now called Playful Economics, and it is available for purchase. It has the same content as the previous version, it has simply been renamed.

I have an older catalog with different list prices for publications. Will you honor those prices?
No. The prices on our website are the most up-to-date.

Do you offer a printed catalog?
We do not currently offer a catalog but all our items are listed on our website.

Do you offer e-books?
eBooks are available for most of our titles, and can be downloaded the same day an order is placed.

I was told to order the Morton Books?
This refers to our AP Economics examiners manual and student workbook series (author John Morton). We’ve come out with the 4th edition of this book, order #s 0666-0670, while we may have some limited quantities remaining of the 3rd edition student guides, once we run out we will no longer be offering this title. We suggest that customers buy the 4th Edition.

Which materials are on your Virtual Economics CD-Rom/Flash Drive?
All CEE books are available on Virtual Economics 4.0 except the 4th edition Advanced Placement(0666,0667,0668,0669,0670), Learning, Earning and Investing for a New Generation (0572), the 2nd Edition Financial Fitness for Life Parent Guides, both English (0698,0699) and Spanish (0729,0730), and Entrepreneurship Economics (0735).

What’s Gen i Revolution?
Gen i Revolution is an interactive, free, game for teachers and their students. It helps teach kids the basics of investing in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Teachers register for the game and then are able to invite their students to play the game. There is a tutorial manual for the teacher once they sign in. The game should be played in tandem with using Learning, Earning and Investing for a New Generation (0572).

What is your return policy?
Returns from individuals/schools are accepted within 30 days from date materials are received. Returns from bookstores are accepted within 30 days from date materials are received. Books must be returned in clean, resalable condition; no marks, stickers, cover damage, etc. Shipping charges are not refunded or credited. Returns should include a copy of original packing slip or invoice, and please indicate the reason for return. We strongly recommend you use an insured, trackable method of shipping. If the package is lost or damaged during the return shipment, we will not be able to issue credit, and you will need to file a claim with the carrier.