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Financial Fitness For Life Teacher Package 9-12 Flash Drive
The Grades 9-12 Teacher's Package gives you the ultimate guide to productivity. You'll receive a hard copy of:

You will also receive copyright permission to reproduce all of the student worksheets.The Financial Fitness for Life grades 9-12 Teacher Guide and Student Storybook each contain 22 lessons. The teacher guide and student guide were designed to work in tandem, and corresponding parent guides for the K-5 and 6-12 grade levels contain activities to extend learning into the home. The Financial Fitness for Life application, available on Flash Drive, contains more than 120 lessons and activities from all 8 teacher guides and student workbooks. It also contains links to access additional related lessons and standards correlations.

Updated by a committed team of economic education experts, the Financial Fitness for Life lessons have been revised, and new ones added, using the latest active-learning techniques and teaching strategies. Plus, brand-new lessons are sure to keep your students on the edge of their seats.

Financial Fitness for Life will help you teach your students the fundamentals of earning an income, saving & investing, credit & spending, and money management. New features include:

  • Streamlined Lesson Layout - Already using CEE Lessons? You'll instantly recognize the trusted lesson format (Background Content, Time Required, Procedure, etc.), making usability a snap.
  • Up-to-Date Data - Keep your classroom fresh with updated data on career earnings, tax tables and more.
  • Contemporary Look and Feel - New visuals are combined with updated activities to give your classroom a fresh look.
  • Web Resources - New online tools give you access to lesson-specific resources (visuals, related online and print lessons, etc.) so you can add a digital component to your instruction.
  • Correlated to Your State Standards - With relentless pressure to teach to the standards, you'll align the lessons to the latest content standards with the correlations tool.

CEE’s USB drives are supported by Mac and Windows operating systems, but are not compatible with Chromebooks or mobile devices.