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Financial Fitness For Life - Teacher Guide, Grades 6-8
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ISBN: 978-1-56183-694-9

Are your middle school students prepared to make sound economic decisions in the ways of income, spending, saving, borrowing, investing and managing money? The Financial Fitness for Life materials were written based on real-world concepts, and let teachers present them in a manner that reinforces learning through practice, helping prepare students for life beyond the classroom.

The Grades 6-8 Teacher Guide was designed to be used with Financial Fitness for Life's student workbooks to teach personal finance. You will measure your students' progress in four themes of personal finance: earning an income, saving, spending and credit, and money management. Between these four themes there are 17 lessons, each focusing on a different topic and ranging in length from one 45-minute period to a week's worth of classroom experience.

Lessons for older students illustrate certain uses of more abstract representations. Specific to grades 6-8 are a variety of activities, including developing criteria that students think would make a good graham cracker and taste-testing to determine which graham cracker meets their needs; deciding which activities are better suited to careers or hobbies; and learning how important planning is to the success of any goal or event.

You will have two practical resources at your disposal:

  1. Exercises are contained within the book for reinforcing the concepts in each chapter.
  2. The Financial Fitness for Life website, created as a partner resource for the book, contains visuals and activities. Teachers can also access online lessons to extend student activities and find related materials to each lesson.