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Learning, Earning & Investing For A New Generation
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ISBN: 978-1-56183-572-0

The lessons in this book are designed to take full advantage of the Council for Economic Education's free online game, Gen i Revolution, however all the lessons are free-standing and may be used without the game.

In Gen i Revolution, each student assumes the role of a secret agent, assigned by the mysterious Monique to help people with financial problems. Gen i Revolution is divided into 15 missions. Each mission begins with a briefing from Monique and the selection of computer-based characters to form a team. Then students participate in interactive exercises and tutorials related to the financial problem that has been posed. Each mission concludes with students making financial recommendations, which are then scored according to their effectiveness in solving the financial problem.

Teachers enroll their classes for participation in Gen i missions at www.genirevolution.org. A teacher ID enables the teacher to enroll classes, manage access to missions, and monitor student progress.

The print lessons in Learning, Earning, and Investing for a New Generation have two specific connections to the online game. At the end of each lesson, you will find a recommendation (Gen i Connection) for a Gen i Revolution mission to reinforce the lesson's key points. In cases where the online missions do not correspond directly to a print lesson's key points, the lesson provides other references to Council for Economic Education online resources. Each Gen i Connection is followed by a Gen i Reflection, an in-depth question that invites students to reflect on what they have learned about personal finance and their own investing goals.