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Risky Business DVD
ISBN: 978-1-56183-633-8
Lights, Camera, Action: Introducing the newest Life Skill DVD-Program for high school students and their teachers
Discover how to introduce basic life skills concepts to your students with four engaging videos packed with hands-on activities, discussion-based content and attention grabbing graphics. Your students will easily relate to the issues, themes and concepts introduced in each video as they hear from students just like them.

Give your students a head start and get them ready for making real-world decisions now. Inside the Risky Business DVD program you'll discover:

  • Four (4) 20-minute video segments.
  • Twelve (12) lesson plans and activities -- 3 for each video
  • Videos are available in both English and Spanish
Cover major life skills themes in just 20-minutes and prepare your students for making healthy and informed decisions and choices as they move into their adult years. Your students will learn about:

Higher Education

Invest in Yourself: Get a Good Education:

At this very important turning point your students are considering different alternative for the "next step" in their life. In this video discover why it is important to stay in school; how you can save for college; and how to prepare for a lifetime of learning.

Making Healthy Choices

Take Care of Yourself: Sound Healthy Decisions Make You Healthier and Wealthier:

Explore how healthy decisions can help you come up with better financial outcomes.

Using and Managing Credit

Using Credit Wisely: What You Don't Know About Credit Can Hurt You:

As your students get ready to go to college or move into the real world, they'll start getting bombarded with credit offer for school loans, personal loans, credit cards and much more. Help them learn how credit can be a "friend" when used wisely and how easily it can turn into a "foe" leading to serious financial problems.


Expect the Unexpected: Managing Risk and Insuring Your Future:

Your students discover why making smart decisions about risk and being properly insured are important to financial stability.

Ready-to-use Lesson Plans

After each video you'll discover hands-on and discussion based lesson plans to help you review the themes and concepts covered in each video. Plus with reproducible visuals and activities there is no lesson planning required.

Where to Use Risky Business

Risky Business is ideal as a Capstone life skills course for your high school students. Whether you use it in mainstream classrooms, for talented and gifted students, or as an after-school program, Risky Business gives your students the sound life skills to make wise choices. They'll leave your class with the knowledge to manage risks; make wise choices; and live a balanced, healthy lifestyle.Who Should Use Risky Business

Risky Business is ideal for:

  • Librarians
  • After-school coordinators
  • Talented and Gifted students
  • Independent Study
  • Community Centers
  • Social Studies
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Vocational Technical Education
  • Business Educators

  • Minimum System Requirements


    • Windows 98
    • DVD + R


    • OS 8.5
    • DVD + R

    What's on the DVD?

    The DVD has both video clips and lesson plans. Place the DVD in your DVD player to view the video clips. Place the DVD in your computer to view the lesson plans.