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What Economics Is About
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ISBN: 978-1-56183-626-0

Are your students ready to compete in the Global Economy?

Designed for teachers at every grade level and in all disciplines, What Economics Is About is a simple, time-saving way to teach the fundamental economics content every K-12 student needs to know.

This 20-page booklet is loaded with:

  • Economics Vocabulary - down-to-earth explanations of the fundamental terms all teachers‚Äîand students!‚Äîneed to know
  • Illustrations & Diagrams - give your students an overview of essential concepts
  • Formulas - simple equations that won't overwhelm your students
  • Additional Resources - enhance your own knowledge and confidence with supplemental teaching tools

A one-page overview of 'What Economics Is About' gives you a visual roadmap of economics in an easy-to-follow flowchart, and is ideal as an overhead or handout for your students.

An Invigorating Way to Teach Basic Economics

What Economics Is About is packed with common-sense economics content and easily builds on each preceding concept. You'll effortless move through:

  • The Basic Economics Problem
  • Economics Systems
  • Three Basic Questions Every Society Must Answer
  • Circular Flow
  • Role of Government
  • Entrepreneurship, and more.

Armed with the basic content in What Economics Is About, students will leave your classroom with the skills to become productive workers and knowledgeable consumers.

Where Should I Use 'What Economics Is About?'

Use this resource as an energizing introduction to economics at any grade level; you'll give your students a solid knowledge base and a desire to explore more complex and in-depth economics material. Plus, as an added bonus, you'll expand your own knowledge and appreciation for economics!

  • Introduction to economics, for all grade levels
  • Content review before end-of-semester and state exams
  • Teacher review and curriculum planning
  • Professional development courses
  • Student reader

Who Should Use 'What Economics Is About'

What Economics Is About is an invaluable resource for teachers in all departments and subject areas:

  • New Economics teachers - wondering where to start? Use this guide to lay a curriculum foundation
  • Veteran Economics teachers - a refreshing way to teach the basics and enhance your time-tested curriculum
  • Curriculum Directors - use in your professional development training to give every teacher in your district the fundamental skills to confidently teach economics
  • Department Chairs - add to your resource library and share with all of your teachers
  • Social Studies and Business Educators - economics is a natural part of your curriculum, use this program as a supplement to your standard content
  • Student Reader - purchase a copy for all of your students! They will appreciate the easy-to-read content