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Focus: Economics Grades K-2
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ISBN: 978-1-56183-621-5

So you think you can't teach economics to your young students?

You think: there is no way they will understand these complex concepts, and besides they should be focusing on subjects like basic reading, writing and math, correct?

Certainly, reading, writing and math are very important, but what if you could do it all at once plus infuse basic economic concepts into your everyday lessons?

Well, with the proper tools and lesson plans you can teach fundamental concepts like scarcity, opportunity cost, natural resources, wants and needs in your K-2 classes. And, with interactive, ready-to-use lesson plans teaching basic economic concepts will be a breeze and learning will be even more fun.

Hands-on Learning Approach is Key to Economic Understanding

Discover 10 lesson plans that use scissors, colored paper, glue sticks, glitter and many more exciting ingredients to whip up hands-on activities and exercises. Your students will also learn essential skills like: group work, decision making, and basic economic reasoning.

Each lesson includes:

  • Lesson overview with helpful teaching procedures
  • Reproducible activities and visuals
  • Assessment activities at the end of each lesson
  • Glossary section to help explain concepts

Integrating Economics into Other Subject Areas

Economics doesn't have to be a standalone subject. As you guide your students through each lesson they will not only master basic economic concepts but they will also sharpen their writing skills, math skills and reading comprehension.