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Economics And the Environment: Eco-Detectives
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ISBN: 978-1-56183-574-4

Economics and the Environment: EcoDetectives is a 15-lesson curriculum designed to show how teachers and students can use economic reasoning in efforts to describe and explain important environmental problems.

Interest in environmental quality has grown steadily in recent years. The media regularly feature reports and commentary on issues related to endangered species, resource depletion, land use, and air and water quality. At the national and state levels, legislators and other officials find themselves occupied as never before with environmental issues. The schools have been similarly influenced. Environmental education is now an important area of study in most school programs throughout the United States.

In addressing environmental issues, teachers often can count on a high degree of interest and strong feelings among their students. Many young people respond with genuine concern to information and images that highlight environmental problems. The challenge for teachers is to move beyond that starting point, helping their students gain a well-informed approach to reasoning about environmental problems. That is the goal of EcoDetectives.