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Mathematics And Economics: Connections For Life, Grades 3-5
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ISBN: 978-1-56183-536-2

Are your elementary math lessons connecting with your students? Take a new approach to elementary school mathematics by adding economics lesson plans to your math curriculum.

Hands-on Activities That Strengthen Elementary Math Skills

You'll tap into the natural creativity of your students with fun, hands-on activities that have your students making brownies (and choices!) and building kites, all with the end result of exploring elementary economics in fun ways and sharpening your students' math skills.

With Mathematics and Economics, Grades 3-5, you'll use 12 standards-based lessons that apply mathematical problem solving in the context of economics. Your students will connect with your elementary math lessons in fun ways you never thought possible.

Plus, Build a Lifelong Economics Foundation

In addition to reinforcing core mathematical skills, your students will explore the basic economics concepts that will prepare them to be better citizens, consumers and workers. You'll expose your students to economics principles that they'll use their entire lives. Plus, your students will be absorbed in interesting activities that help them see the relevance of mathematics and economics to everyday life.

Best of all, by adding economics to your elementary math lessons, you'll spur a lifelong interest in economics, while using NCTM standards-based lesson plans that reinforce fundamental math skills.