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The Wide World of Trade
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ISBN: 978-1-56183-136-4

How does international trade and finance affect YOUR students?

Take your students on an enlightening economic journey around the globe - and back - with 11 action-packed activities from the brand-new The Wide World of Trade.

Designed to actively engage your inquisitive middle-school students, each lesson plan condenses abstract economic concepts into bite-size nuggets that your students will easily understand - and enjoy!

And the step-by-step layout of each lesson walks you effortlessly through every key concept. You'll confidently master each topic, plus you'll deliver it quickly for a maximum impact.

The skills your students need to succeed in a global economy.

What are some of the essential skills your students will master withThe Wide World of Trade?

  • Problem-solving - you'll provide a fundamental framework that your students can use to analyze challenges and recommend solutions
  • Teamwork - working in groups, your students will brainstorm ways to solve problems and propose solutions in a rapidly changing environment
  • Role-playing - your students will gain confidence by presenting ideas and proposals to their peers
  • Critical thinking - your students will use "clues" to solve global economic mysteries? and discover how to apply those conclusions to their everyday lives

Plus, you'll provide extension activities that involve parents; assessments that gauge your students' progress; and independent activities to feed your students' curiosity.

Easily integrate international trade and finance into your classroom

Geography. Math. Reading. Writing. Every aspect of your curriculum is covered, with a sprinkle of international economics for good measure!

Each hands-on lesson demands that your students apply a whole host of skills - allowing you to optimize your time together and expose your students to more concepts in a short period of time.

You'll have charts, handouts and visuals that illustrate important concepts and carry you through the lesson plans with ease and self-confidence.

From steel to food, flowerbeds to pencils, you'll use everyday objects to reveal the straightforward concepts involved in international trade and finance.

These flexible lessons adapt to YOUR classroom. Mix and match lessons to suit your needs, or follow them sequentially for a smooth, effortless curriculum that touches on every significant aspect of international trade and currency.

How does international trade and finance work? In a word: interdependence. The global economy moves quickly, so make sure your students keep up!

By showing your students how to think analytically, these 11 eye-opening lesson plans give your students a broad exposure to international economics.

Show your students the nuts-and-bolts of economics:

  • Specialization - why your students must make "and vs. or" decisions when it comes to their abilities and talents
  • Resources - how your students can effectively utilize their available resources
  • Scarcity - why your students have to make "more or less" choices
  • Currency exchange - how currency markets function
  • Trade - why countries benefit when they trade voluntarily