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Middle School World Geography: Focus On Economics
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ISBN: 978-1-56183-520-1

An Integrated Way to Teach Economics and Geography

You're probably stretched for time in your classroom. Now you can cover two important - and interrelated - content areas in one simple lesson.

Show Your Students Why Economics and Geography Matters

Using real-world scenarios, your students will apply economics and geography concepts to their everyday lives. They'll uncover the decision-making process involved in using and distributing resources, and explore how human activity affects the physical environment.

Critical Thinking: the Cornerstone of Economics and Geography

Both Economics and Geography rely on critical-thinking skills to analyze - and understand - human behavior, a hallmark of the social sciences.

That's why each lesson plan is packed with the tools that give your students critical exposure to essential life skills. Each hands-on activity uses:

  • Maps
  • Data
  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Tables
  • Documents and more‚Ķ

Your students will also master the core life skills that are important in every career, such as negotiation, teamwork, data analysis and much, much more.

The Economic Perspective…

Your students will master critical economic concepts such as scarcity, trade, and opportunity costs - all with an integrated geographic perspective.

The Geographic Perspective…

Your students will also take a critical look at how people interact with their surroundings. They will organize and analyze information about people, places and environments, using geographic tools that provide an enlightening look at the economic choices people make as they interact with the world.

Designed to Economic and Geography Standards

Best of all, each lesson plan is correlated to Economic and Geography standards, so you can confidently introduce new materials into your classroom.

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