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Economics In Action
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What happens when you combine simulations, role-playing activities and mystery-based lesson plans with economics? The answer is simple: your students actually learn the concepts.

Put economics to work in your classroom with 14 tried-and-true lesson plans, and have your students actively master concepts like trade, money, opportunity cost, scarcity and inflation quickly and all while having fun.

Each lesson plan in this timeless teacher guide includes teaching procedures (and yes these are step-by-step and super easy to follow too, so econ newbies have no fear), content standards that you'll cover, and reproducible activities and visuals hot off the press and ready to use in seconds.

Using an Economic-Way of Thinking to Teach and Learn Economics Concepts

Have you ever wondered why "you" as the teacher makes a whole lot less than those professional athletes on TV?

You who slaves over designing challenging yet fun lesson plans each day; you who spends hours and weeks preparing your high school students for college; and you who spends out-of-pocket money to get the most up-to-date content for your students.

In fact, many of these professional athletes don't even have their college degrees, so what makes them different and their jobs so lucrative?

The answer is: economics.

The demand for watching these hot young professionals are tremendously high and the supply of these talented athletes is very low, so that is why they earn the big bucks.

A combination of a basic foundation of economic principles and an economic mindset makes understanding even seemingly non-nonsensical inequities such as why professional athletes make more than teachers, firefighters and police officers easier to understand.

Using economic reasoning as a teaching tool is one way to have your classroom master essential economic concepts and one of the 14 ways you'll discover in Economics in Action.

14 Lesson Plans Packed with Classroom Discussions, Simulations and Role-Playing Exercises

Explore 14 lesson plans that cover basic economic concepts starting with a general overview and then reinforcing economic content with interactive discussion activities, role-playing exercises and simulations.

Cover 6 major economic themes with just one resource:

Economic Decision Making and Reasoning

Strengthen your students decision-making skills and economic reasoning with a mystery-based lesson plan and a handy decision making model.

Trade and Comparative Advantage

Set up simple and quick trade simulations and role-playing exercises to demonstrate the benefits of free trade and the definition of comparative advantage.

Money, Exchange Rates and Fiscal Policy

What makes money so special? Use an auction-style activity and a two part play to illustrate the power of money; its role in the international market place; and expansionary and contractionary fiscal policy.

Productivity and Entrepreneurship

Explore the effects of specialization on labor productivity, the division of labor, and investment in human capital and capital goods with an in class business. And, step into the world of an entrepreneur with production and innovation activities.


What function should the government have in the market economy? Discover when the governments' participation in the economy is helpful and when it is harmful.

Market Economy

Use role-playing activities to show your students how they would behave as buyers and sellers in a competitive market.