What Economics Is About

What Economics Is About

Are your students ready to compete in the Global Economy?

Designed for teachers at every grade level and in all disciplines, What Economics Is About is a simple, time-saving way to teach the fundamental economics content every K-12 student needs to know.

This 20-page booklet is loaded with:

  • Economics Vocabulary – down-to-earth explanations of the fundamental terms all teachers—and students!—need to know
  • Illustrations & Diagrams – give your students an overview of essential concepts
  • Formulas – simple equations that won't overwhelm your students
  • Additional Resources – enhance your own knowledge and confidence with supplemental teaching tools

A one-page overview of “What Economics Is About” gives you a visual roadmap of economics in an easy-to-follow flowchart, and is ideal as an overhead or handout for your students.

An Invigorating Way to Teach Basic Economics

What Economics Is About is packed with common-sense economics content and easily builds on each preceding concept. You'll effortless move through:

  • The Basic Economics Problem
  • Economics Systems
  • Three Basic Questions Every Society Must Answer
  • Circular Flow
  • Role of Government
  • Entrepreneurship, and more.

Armed with the basic content in What Economics Is About, students will leave your classroom with the skills to become productive workers and knowledgeable consumers.

Where Should I Use 'What Economics Is About?'

Use this resource as an energizing introduction to economics at any grade level; you'll give your students a solid knowledge base and a desire to explore more complex and in-depth economics material. Plus, as an added bonus, you'll expand your own knowledge and appreciation for economics!

  • Introduction to economics, for all grade levels
  • Content review before end-of-semester and state exams
  • Teacher review and curriculum planning
  • Professional development courses
  • Student reader

Who Should Use 'What Economics Is About'

What Economics Is About is an invaluable resource for teachers in all departments and subject areas:

  • New Economics teachers – wondering where to start? Use this guide to lay a curriculum foundation
  • Veteran Economics teachers – a refreshing way to teach the basics and enhance your time-tested curriculum
  • Curriculum Directors – use in your professional development training to give every teacher in your district the fundamental skills to confidently teach economics
  • Department Chairs – add to your resource library and share with all of your teachers
  • Social Studies and Business Educators – economics is a natural part of your curriculum, use this program as a supplement to your standard content
  • Student Reader – purchase a copy for all of your students! They will appreciate the easy-to-read content




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