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High School Economics, 3rd Edition
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ISBN: 978-1-56183-753-3

Teaching Economics in Grades 9-12? We can help with all new edition of High School Economics.

This new and revised edition will bring economic concepts to life!

  • Updated to include more contemporary references that highlight new challenges in a world that has changed significantly since the 2nd edition 11 years ago
  • Redesigned to meet the needs of today's students and reflects current economic thinking
  • Integrates more macroeconomics and international economics lessons including materials on topics such as GDP, unemployment, inflation, and trade.
  • Field-tested and aligned with Voluntary National Content Standards in Economics and Common Core State Standards (ELA and Math)
  • Select lessons feature interactive online activities that connect to and extend the lessons both in class and as self-guided homework activities
  • All lessons employ an active-learning approach that brings economic concepts to life for students

28 Lessons aligned with national and state standards and identifies concepts and standards, features teaching procedures, background information, current data on public policy issues, and assessment activities.

  • Production Possibilities and Opportunity Cost
  • Allocating Scarce Resources
  • Marginalism
  • A Classroom Market for Cocoa
  • What Happens When Prices are not in Equilibrium?
  • The Market Never Stands Still
  • How Markets Interact
  • Productivity
  • Perfect Competition Versus Monopoly
  • Game Theory: One Step Ahead of the Competition
  • Not-So-Private Goods and Services
  • Third-Party Costs and Benefits
  • Who Decides Wage Rates?
  • Income DistributionPublic Choice Economics
  • The Circular Flows of Econoland
  • Inflation
  • Unemployment Survey
  • Economic Growth
  • Explaining Short-Run Economic Fluctuations
  • Fiscal Policy: The Multiplier Effect
  • The Case of the Gigantic $100,000 Bill
  • Interest Rates: Let's Go Shopping for Money
  • The Fed's Toolbox
  • Trade: Why Do People Trade?
  • Comparative Advantage
  • Where to Build a Factory
  • Broad Social Goals of an Economy

For more additional high school economics lesson plans and resources, visit: www.econedlink.org.