Focus: Economics, Grades 3-5 - eBook Bundle

Focus: Economics, Grades 3-5 - eBook Bundle

ISBN: 978-1-56183-535-5

Mastering Economics Concepts with Hands-on Lesson Plans

Get your young students ready for a creative and exciting way to learn economics...yes you heard right, economics!

Just add some crayons, drawing paper, markers and fun cut-outs to your classroom mix and get your students learning basic economic principles like scarcity, opportunity cost, and capital, right from the start.

Discover a handy teacher guide that includes:

  • Ready-to-use economics lesson plans
  • Helpful teaching strategies and procedures
  • Visuals and activities
  • Assessment questions at the end of each lesson

This supplemental curriculum guide will make teaching economics a breeze... and learning economics more fun.

Plus, each of the fourteen lesson plans uses a unique blend of games, simulations, role playing activities that illustrate economics in a way every elementary student will enjoy.

Connecting your Classroom with the World

With 14 international connections your students will also learn how economic decisions affect the rest of the world. So unearth global economic concepts in each lesson plan with easy-to-understand explanations and get your young students thinking beyond borders at an early age.





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