Advanced Placement 4th Edition Teacher Manuals 2 Bk Set

Advanced Placement 4th Edition Teacher Manuals 2 Bk Set

The 4th edition of AP Economics reflects the adjustments in the AP Course Outlines and Exams in the years since the publication of the 3rd edition. Some changes include paring down content for better emphasis of essential AP economics concepts; revising lessons to utilize contemporary examples; and most importantly, addressing the current state of the test with the addition of new content. In addition, you will see some reorganization of the material in response to teacher feedback.

By dividing the macroeconomics and microeconomics teacher's manuals into two separate entities and compartmentalizing various elements, such as student activities solutions and sample multiple-choice question answer keys, the materials provide a more intuitive structure and easier navigation of content.

CEE extends our wholehearted appreciation to John Morton, the intellectual father of these Advance Placement Economics resources. John's efforts to advance K–12 economic education have made an immeasurable difference in the field, and we who follow in his footsteps are better off because of his dedicated service.

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